Features of WINHMS Cloud

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Features of WINCloud PMS:

The following modules are currently available in Cloud solution:

  • Front Office

    1. Reservation module smartly handles all Client Reservations, Room Tariffs, Corporate discounted Tariffs, Tariff in foreign currency and Plan Sales.
    2. Supports Registration card printing for the Reservation or while Check In.
    3. Supports reservation advance with auto transfer during Guest Check-In. Supports cancellation of advance with retention charges.
    4. Ensures smart handling of Guest by providing vital information like – Previous Guest complaints, Suggestions, Hotel comments, Guest previous visits’ statistics and information at the time of Reservation and Check-In.
    5. Auto allocation of least used rooms ensures proper uniform usage of all rooms.
    6. Supports split bill, auto split, summary bill, and settlement by foreign currencies.
    7. Allows Corporate discounted Tariffs, Member discounted Tariffs and Guest discounted Tariffs. Supports various Rate types and Packages.
    8. Guest History is maintained for each Guest with Guest information, spend pattern, preferences, etc. Send Birthday and Anniversary greeting emails. Provides previous visits’ details with spend pattern, and allows you to drill down up to Guest Bill.
    9. Checkout can be made in few keystrokes, and provides you the flexibility of amount splitting, bill splitting and summary bill. Supports various settlement modes including foreign currency.
    10. Supports Miscellaneous Sales that are not connected to Guest, and Charges can be made in Foreign Currency.
    11. Night Audit highlights all FO/POS pending bills, pending KOT, overdue departure, and non-posting of room charges. At the end of night audit, posting is made automatically from Front Office to Accounting System.
    12. Company History provides details of volume of business, each person who stayed, details about their stay and total revenues.
    13. System provides Audit reports for Reservation Amend, In House Guest Amend, Bill reprint, amend Guest Stay, and Cashier audit.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    1. KOT creation, modifications and cancellations are supported. Audit Trail for KOT amendments is provided to trace all KOT modifications.
    2. Automatic KOT printing, kitchen based KOT printing and manual KOT control. Special kitchen instructions for printing on KOT
    3. KOT Items will be grouped Kitchen wise, and will be printed at respective kitchens.
    4. Bill can be made in flash by referring Table or Room number. Supports Bill for single or linked tables, Bill cancellation, Split Bills, and Split quantity.
    5. High level of security is provided to verify the Guest and Member’s signature & photos prior to settlement of bills.
    6. Separate Discount percentage is accepted for Food, Beverages, Liquor and Smokes. While preparing the Bill Corporate discounts, Guest discounts and Member discounts are automatically considered.
    7. Various settlement modes including foreign currency, Pay Master, Credit Coupon and Plan are supported.
    8. Outlet wise Item Rates and Discounts are maintained. Maximum permissible discount is defined for each Item thereby limiting the discount to that level.
    9. Complex Tax Structure can be defined for each Outlet Item. Tax structure permits unlimited combination of Taxes for each Menu Item.
    10. Supports NC KOT, NC Bill and various analysis on NC KOT.
    11. Supports Open Items creation during KOT creations.
    12. Provides various audit reports for KOT amend, Bill reprint and resettlements.
    13. Auto posting of Bills/settlements to Room and Company are made to Front Office and Accounts
    14. Purchase Analysis is provided for Supplier wise and Item wise material purchase.
    15. Rate Comparison is provided for any period of time.
    16. Provides various analysis on Purchase Order status, approved items list, pending order, etc.

  • House Keeping

    1. Guest Requests, Complaints and Suggestions can be recorded and the system monitors, whether the Guest Requests and Complaints are well attended in time.
    2. Room Blocking can be done for Repairs, for Management, and for Guest Reservation. Blocked room will reflect in Room availability Chart with a drill down feature to view details of Room Block.
    3. Tag Dirty room and clear Dirty Room are supported. Room will be automatically tagged as dirty when the Guest checked out.
    4. Lost and Found tracks delivery status of all lost and found articles, and shootout letter and email reminders to Guest.
    5. Records and Tracks missing room Inventory Items, until it is properly replaced.
    6. System supports Post Guest Charges and Guest wise check out instructions.

  • Financial Accounting

    1. Financial accounting efficiently handles all your accounting needs. It supports advanced accounting features, and allows seamless integration of all relevant modules to provide real time financial analysis for better control.
    2. Supports codeless Ledger Accounts or Ledger Accounts with codes.
    3. Supports unlimited Divisions within the company, and provides division wise financial analysis, books and reports.
    4. Bank Reconciliation with realization date of funds is supported.
    5. Provides various financial analysis like Trial balance, General Ledger, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Outstanding Analysis, and Bills Ageing analysis.
    6. Provides Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports and ageing analysis.

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